Curator’s Talk

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 Writer-director-producer Homer Groening

On Jan 17, at 3:00 PM, Anne Richardson, director of  Mid Century Oregon Genius, will give a talk Who Makes Pop? in the OMSI Auditorium, 1945 SE Water Avenue.

What: Who Makes Pop?

Who: Anne Richardson

Where: OMSI Auditorium

When: Jan. 17, 2015, 3:00 PM

Admission: Free 


Where did Portlandia come from?

In Who Makes Pop?, Anne Richardson proposes that Portland’s vibrant independent film scene is the cultural legacy of Portland’s Progressive Era “radical” middle class theorized by Robert Johnston in his prizewinning book  The Radical Middle Class: Populist Democracy and the Question of Capitalism in Progressive Era Portland, Oregon.  Drawing from Johnston’s research on small business owners, and from oral histories given by current filmmakers, she traces the generation to generation transmission of technical knowledge which gives our regional film scene hidden strength.

Paired with Who Makes Pop? is a presentation by Richard Blakeslee in which he will share photos of Portland’s film scene in the 1970s.


Harry Dawson watches Don Gronquist and Richard Blakeslee set up a shot on UNHINGED (1980).

Who Makes Pop? is supported by Kinsman Foundation and Miller Foundation, and by MovieMaker Magazine and The James and Richard Blue Foundation. Many thanks to Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission, the fiscal sponsor of Mid Century Oregon Genius.

Thank you to OMSI for donating the auditorium for Who Makes Pop?

OMSI offers free parking to the film history starved Portlanders who come to this lecture. You do not have to pay OMSI admission in order to attend.

Thank you, Russ Repp!



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